veraPDF’s development roadmap is comprised of five milestones scheduled around the PREFORMA project’s schedule for the development phase, which comes to a close at the end of 2016.

veraPDF Milestones Explained

The development phase is divided into three sub-phases:

  • First Prototyping phase: May 2015 – October 2015
  • Redesign phase: November 2015 – February 2016
  • Second Prototyping phase: March 2016 – December 2016

Consistent with this schedule the veraPDF developers have organized the project’s deliverables into five formal milestone releases:

  • 15th Jul 2015 – First Public Release
  • 31st Oct 2015 – PDF/A1-b Release Candidate
  • 28th Feb 2016 – Post Redesign Release
  • 15th Jul 2016 – PDF/A Validation Complete Release
  • 29th Dec 2016 – Release Candidate 1.0

For successful solutions, a testing and acceptance phase is scheduled for the first half of 2017.

Milestones and Software Releases

Each milestone will be accompanied by a software release, but we’ll also be releasing software between milestones. The milestones represent the very latest point by which a feature should be implemented.

First Public Release

15th July 2015

The first public release is a prototype of the veraPDF validation library. This is a proof-of-concept release with very few features and the possibility of plenty of bugs. Expect:

  • a prototype GUI application;
  • an unfinished implementation of the generic validation model;
  • incomplete PDF parsing;
  • a small set of validation rules as atomic profiles; and
  • prototype PDF feature and validation reporting.

Don’t expect any of the following:

  • a smooth, cross-platform installation experience;
  • useful or accurate PDF/A validation;
  • policy checking & metadata fixing of any kind; or
  • customizable reporting;

PDF/A1-b Release Candidate

31st October 2015

The second formal software release will perform some useful functions:

  • a release candidate PDF/A1-b validation;
  • PDF features reporting; and
  • a polished, cross-platform installer.

Prototype features will include:

  • metadata fixing & policy checking;
  • model and parser support for PDF/A2 & PDF/A3;
  • a browser based web GUI; and
  • HTML5 reporting.

Post Redesign Release

28th February 2016

The third formal release of veraPDF will include Release Candidates of all PDF/A validation profiles. Specific features will depend upon the conclusions drawn from the redesign phase.

PDF/A Validation Complete Release

15th July 2016

The fourth release will support validation of all PDF/A versions and levels. All core software features should be implemented.

Release Candidate 1.0

20th December 2016

Ready for PREFORMA’s Phase 3 (Testing), the Release Candidate software will include additional language support, and integration with: