veraPDF 1.22 released

This release is made up of enhancements, technical maintenance and bug fixes: The command line application can now produce JSON and HTML reports. The user can now specify a custom location for the configuration directory. Allow the user fine-grained control of warnings verbosity and visibility. Improvements to some error messages with additional context reporting. Support […]

veraPDF 1.20 released

The Open Preservation Foundation is pleased to announce that veraPDF 1.20 has been released following community testing. veraPDF is an open source, industry-supported PDF/A validator and part of the OPF reference toolset. veraPDF 1.20 introduces support for PDF/A-4 (ISO 19005-4:2020) including core requirements, Level F (file attachments) and Level E (engineering). It also now supports Java […]

Update on the Resolution of Ambiguities

In December of last year we reported the development of the PDF Validation TWG’s Resolution of Ambiguities document, with an additional 10 questions added to the 4 previously presented to the ISO committee and resolved in April, 2015 during the meetings in San Jose, California. Since last November the veraPDF contractor has raised, and the […]

Resolution of Ambiguities – the PDF Validation TWG’s work-product

As reported earlier, the veraPDF project was introduced to the ISO committee managing PDF/A in April, 2015.In that meeting, DualLab’s Boris Doubrov, PDF Association member and the lead technical contractor on the veraPDF project, presented 4 questions generated by the PDF Validation Technical Working Group (TWG), the group responsible for approving veraPDF test-suite files and […]

Introducing veraPDF to ISO’s WG for PDF/A

The world of ISO standards development does not proceed very quickly unless there is substantial vendor demand in the first instance. In this case, the first formal communication between the veraPDF consortium’s effort to build an industry-supported validator for PDF/A and the ISO working group responsible for PDF/A occurred during the ISO TC 171 meetings in […]

How veraPDF does PDF/A validation

In his article on, veraPDF architect Boris Doubrov outlines the veraPDF model. In particular, he highlights the fact that: veraPDF is a purpose-built validator, not a parser adapted to validation purposes the veraPDF model is entirely generic, able to accommodate the variety of data structures possible within PDF veraPDF development includes the PDF Validation TWG in […]

How veraPDF relates to the standards-development process

The veraPDF consortium project was created by and, fundamentally for the archivist community. The PREFORMA project funds three initiatives to create open-source validators for certain key file formats: PDF/A, TIFF and FFV1 and Matroska, for video content. The PDF Association’s interest in the veraPDF project stems from the PDF technology industry’s collective interest in the highest possible […]