veraPDF 0.22 released

The latest version of veraPDF is now available to download. Version 0.22 has the following improvements: Application enhancements: changed default feature generation to document level features; added a new GUI dialog for managing feature generation options; added a user-friendly Java OutOfMemoryError with suggestions for reconfiguration; CLI can now overwrite report files; added help message when […]

veraPDF 0.20 released

The latest version of veraPDF is now available. Version 0.20 has the following enhancements: Application enhancements: added signature types to features report; depth of feature reporting now configurable; and altered log level of some validation methods. Conformance checker fixes: fix for validation of character encoding requirements of invisible fonts; and fix for ICC Profile mluc […]

veraPDF 0.18 released

The latest version of veraPDF is now available to download. It is accompanied by a beta version of our new documentation site. The site provides installation and user guides to help you get started with the veraPDF conformance checker. The beta site is online here: veraPDF 0.18 has the following fixes and enhancements: Application […]

veraPDF 0.16 released with full support for all PDF/A parts and conformance levels

The latest version of veraPDF features full support of all PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 requirements (all levels). Together with earlier support of PDF/A-1 validation, it represents the first full support for all PDF/A parts and conformance levels. Features: Conformance checker validation of digital signature requirements extraction of color space info from JPEG2000 images validation of permissions […]

veraPDF 0.14 released with launch of demo website

We are pleased to announce the latest release of veraPDF. Version 0.14 features Transparency and Unicode character map validation in PDF/A-2 levels B and U. Other highlights include: Conformance checker: added all transparency-related validation rules in PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 added full Level U support in PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 code refactoring to synchronize GUI, API and […]

veraPDF 0.12 released alongside first version of wiki validation rules

The latest software release features improved PDF/A-2b and PDF/A-3b validation and the fully featured REST API. veraPDF 0.12 has the following features: Conformance checker: PDF/A-2 and PDF-A/3 improvements: implemented checks for optional content, JPEG2000 requirements full compliance with BFO test suite (PDF/A-2b) PDF/A-1b fix: check for form field appearance code refactoring to enable PDF model […]

veraPDF 0.10 released

The latest version of veraPDF is now available. This marks the end of the PREFORMA project’s first re-design phase. Version 0.10 has the following feature enhancements: Conformance checker: new implementation of the XMP validation proper CharSet / CIDSet validation Command line: processes stdin if no file paths are supplied for use in *nix pipes; directory […]

veraPDF 0.8 now available

We are pleased to announce the latest release of veraPDF. Version 0.8 features a re-designed command line interface (CLI) for validation and feature extraction. Highlights of this release are: Refactored plug-in architecture; Re-designed CLI for PDF/A validation and feature reporting; Supporting install scripts; Updated validation profile syntax; Simplified machine-readable report format; Synchronization with PDFBox 2.0 RC1 […]

Complete PDF/A-1b coverage now available in 0.6 release of veraPDF

The veraPDF consortium is pleased to announce the latest release of the veraPDF PDF/A validation software and test-suite currently under development. Highlights for this release are: validation of all conformance criteria for ISO 19005-1 (PDF/A-1), conformance level b; a complete PDF/A-1b test corpus, including 200 new test-files: PDF features reporting; and a cross-platform installer. Prototype […]

veraPDF releases prototype validation library for PDF/A-1b

An early release of the veraPDF validation library is now available. This 0.4 release delivers: a working validation model and validator; an initial, unverified PDF/A-1b validation profile; and prototype PDF feature reporting (characterisation). This release comes ahead of our development schedule enabling users to test our first implementation of PDF/A-1b validation on single files, using […]